Commercial activities in Residential Areas: Mixed Use of Land (Draft Master Plan Delhi-2021)

As per the draft of Master Plan Delhi-2021 (Draft MPD 2021) available on the government portal of Delhi Development Authority, the below is proposed for the mixed use of land in Delhi: 
Mixed Use of Land
Mixed use of land refers to the non-residential activities in the residential regions. The commercial or non-residential activities carried out in the residential areas of Delhi have a significant impact on the socio-economic societal needs as well as environment. The presence of such commercial activities in the residential areas benefits a large section of residents and also reduces the traffic which can increase in the absence of such facilities with residents having to travel far to meet their basic daily needs.
However, unless the commercial activities are regulated they could adversely affect the residential area by adding to the pollution, congestion and public nuisance. Thus the Master Plan of Delhi 2021 has ensured to include sufficient measures regarding mixed use of land in Delhi.
As per the draft of Master Plan of Delhi, 2021 the following have been recommended for mixed use of land:
  • Only selective commercial/ non-residential activity should be allowed in the residential premises of Delhi considering the needs of the residents, environmental concerns, secure and painless traffic movement and ample of parking space.
  • For new residential developments being planned, both the residential and non-residential activities should be considered right from the beginning while preparing the lay out. The location of commercial centers with sufficient parking space, traffic movement and services offered should be taken into account. Specific norms should be drawn up for parking as well as running any commercial activity floor wise.
  • Any notified provision made in the last Master Plan shall continue to be in force under the newly approved plan if it falls under the overall framework of the new plan. The mixed use of land may be allowed on road/ street-facing residential plots. The minimum width of the road/ street should not be less than 18 metres ROW. Awareness should be spread about such streets giving them far-and-wide publicity.
  • Lutyen’s Delhi and Civil Lines; the posh areas of Delhi having Bungalows, institutional housing or staff housing, government housing and heritage areas of national importance would not fall under the ambit of Mixed use policy.
  • Any commercial or non-residential activity involving any type of inflammable, obnoxious, hazardous, non-compatible substance or pollutant or any such harmful process shall not be allowed and termed as non-permissible use.
  • Permissible use of land includes the retail shops, convenience stores, household industries in accordance to the industrial section and any other specific use or professional activity not considered harmful for the society.
Mixed use of land in residential areas does not allow the following activities:
I. In Retail shops:
  •  Building/ Construction materials like timber, marble, iron, steel, sand and timber products.
  • Inflammable materials like coal, fire wood or any other bulky material causing fire hazards.
II. In Repair Shops:
  • Repair of Cycle-rickshaws
  • Repairs of Automobiles or automobile workshops
  •  Tyre resorting and retreating
  • Charging batteries
 III. Godowns, warehouses and storage
 IV. Liquor Shop
 V.  Junk Shop
 VI. Printing/ Varnishing/ Dying
VIII.Any activity notified from time-to-time
                 Permissible retail shops in notified streets under mixed use of land except the ones mentioned above are subject to the below:

  • Mixed-use retail shops are permitted only on the ground floor not extending beyond the ground-floor area.
  • The shopkeeper should unconditionally surrender the front setback and should not enclose it in a boundary. It should be used only for parking purpose.
  • There should be a parking space of 2 ECS (Equivalent Car Space) per 100 square metres within the premises.
  • The cost involved in developing parking space or common parking in commercial areas @ 2 ECS/ 100 shall be paid by the recipient.
  • The activity areas or the premises should be entered from a service lane and direct entry from the main road should not be encouraged.
  • Permission for mixed use of land has to be taken from the concerned local authority and subject to the payment for conversion charges.
  • The planned nature of the residential area should not be disintegrated and no encroachments on the roads or streets shall be allowed.  


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