Apartments and Flats in Bangalore do enough justice to their owners

Winds of change are sweeping the country and Bangalore is not left far behind.

Addressed as the “Garden City of India”, Bangalore is fast embracing an apartment culture just like the other metros. Slowly and gradually individual houses and bungalows seem to be losing their charm, more so, considering their expensive nature as compared to the plethora of facilities offered in the apartments and flats. The city is coming up with fine apartments and flats equipped with world-class facilities. Being an IT hub, there is no dearth of money for the software professionals who carry fatter salary packages and do not hitch in investing their money in a classy apartment.

The IT experts are glued to their systems most of the time and hardly find the luxury to design their own house themselves. They then depend on the ready made apartments and flats where all they need to do is hire “Packers and Movers” and get all their household stuff shifted in a day—as easy as that! One of the prime reasons why apartments or flats are gaining ground in Bangalore is the assurance of safety of individuals as well as the property. As compared to the individual house or bungalow, an apartment is much safer especially for people who are frequent travelers. They can lock up their flats and go ahead on a trip for professional or leisure purpose with a carefree attitude while bungalow/ individual house owners remain a bit worried about their property being robbed. Security is not the only advantage as there are several other amenities offered in an apartment/ flat. Where should we start from …well, it’s the round the clock facilities of water and power, parking, elevators, intercoms, stunning interiors, modular kitchens, fully furnished accommodations, swimming pool, gym, clubhouse, playgrounds, community hall and so on. Trust me the list can go on and on. The more you splurge out the more you get. Even of you don’t want to be counted as an extravagant soul, you can opt for the most affordable and cost-efficient apartment. There is one for all! Also, each apartment or society has its own association which takes charge of maintenance and you just need to pay for it without running around to get things fixed. Today, everybody seeks comfort even if it comes at a heavy price.

As apartments and flats come up with astonishing designing and furnishing ideas they break the established and traditional norms of housing complexes. Apartment culture has brought a revolution in the lifestyle of people. Apartment culture is a recent trend as earlier people felt proud in owning a bungalow or an individual house, which they could design as per their own personal desires. BDA (Bangalore Development Authority) has an interesting role in developing residential townships which have earned a more popular term for themselves today the so called “apartments and flats”. 

Before independence, several extensions came up in the outskirts of Bangalore, namely in Chamarajpet, Malleswaram, Seshadripuram and many more. The fast growth caught the attention of the Bangalore government to make efforts for an organized growth of the city. It was then that the government founded the City Improvement Trust Board in 1945. CITB developed the renowned extensions of Bangalore like Rajajinagar, Jayanagar, Palace Upper Orchard, Indira Nagar and Koramangala. It also assisted several residential schemes in a systematic manner. CITB granted 50 percent rebate to the weaker sections of the society who wanted to purchase a house. By the year 1971, Bangalore had earned the repute of being the seventh largest city of India with the population touching the figure of 16 lakhs. Between the years 1971-1981 the population crossed nearly the 3 million mark. BDA was found on January 6, 1976. It was a culmination of functions of the City planning Authority and CITB (City Improvement Trust Board). To meet the rising demands of residential properties due to the growing population, BDA developed several housing schemes by identifying the land which could be used for such projects. Its main purpose was to build a well-planned city with persistent growth. Some of the townships built by BDA in the initial stages were that of Whitefield, Bidadi, Magadi and on Sarjapur Road. From the day of its inception, BDA has provided at least 76,000 sites for building residential projects on a mass scale. BDA also focused on providing shelter to the neglected sections of the society. The tradition of uplifting the economically weaker sections have continued till date with BDA allotting a fixed percentage of discount on the property price to the SC/ ST sections, backward classes, Defence, State and Central government employees, physically challenged, General categories and science, art and sports experts.

The government residential townships were hailed by the masses of Bangalore and several private builders also chipped in to build some of the best known apartments and flats in Bangalore. Thus it is crystal clear that apartments and flats make a stronger and affordable appeal to the masses as compared to the expensive and not-so-safe bungalows and independent houses. The working class has found a new mantra of security in an apartment or flat with a 24-hour vigilance to guard their riches and the property. The apartment culture proves economical, ensures maximum utilization of space and provides ultimate comfort. The sole and foremost purpose of a home is to provide security to its dweller and apartments and flats do enough justice to their owners in this regard!

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